Winken Battle of the brains, sine alcohole for future champions, Garry Kasparov vs. Tibor Károlyi  at the World Junior Chess Championships in Dortmund 1980 (no hidden product placement, but yes, Sinalco is the latin abbreviation for "without alcohol"). Marvelous photo by Gerhard Hund

Winken Gender battle, Chantal Chaudé de Silans versus Henry Grob (Jelmoli store, Zurich 1951)

Winken Clash of generations, 102 year-old Philip Gelman of Wood Green Chess Club and five year-old Jonathan Pein, son of well-respected chess tournament organizer and IM Malcolm Pein, himself also a member of Wood Green Club. Picture by Philippa Pein

Cool Low aim is crime, not failure! (Chess Simul for Kids, Geneva 2013)

Wild ... and training is everything (Carlsen, coached by Kasparov)

Liebe With the right inspiration, everything is possible! Magnus Carlsen won outright the superstrong Isle of Man (Open) 2017, and proudly presents his girlfriend Synne Christin Larsen in public. Photo: Magnus Carlsen's Instagram

Verwirrt Scoresheet of the famous game Reti vs. Capablanca 1-0 (New York 1924)

Erröten Chess puzzle: Diagram Caruana vs. Korchnoi (Gibraltar 2011) 29. ... black to move for the win!

Wow Go for Gold: Exactly 1233 players at French Youth Championships 2014

Wow Playing Hall, Chess Olympiad 1982 at Lucerne, Switzerland. Photo from Gerhard Hund, german chess player and chess historian, mathematician, computer pioneer and scientist

Ärgerlich Don't disturb! We are thinking (Fischer vs. Petrosian, 1971, Bobby won 6.5 to 2.5 with four consecutive wins at the end)

Unsicher Man vs. Machine: Robot Challenges, Russia 2010 - Gradually Grischuk's face reflected the difficulty of his position

Ha ha Simultaneous engineering: Mark Taimanov giving a Simul Exhibition in St. Petersburg

Ha ha Samuel Reshevsky playing a Chess Simul in France in 1920 at the age of nine  

Lautes Lachen Viktor Korchnoi is Swiss Champion 2011 at the age of eighty
Alexandra Kosteniuk, then Female Swiss Champion, won the Male Swiss Championship in 2013 

Kuss Emanuel Lasker (gouache on paper) by Nette Robinson (

Kuss Mikhail Botvinnik (gouache on paper) by Nette Robinson (

Kuss 'Royal Game' Stefan Zweig woodcut by Elke Rehder (

Kuss Knight takes Rook woodcut by Elke Rehder (

Kuss Cartoon Henrique Mecking by Oliver Schopf (

Kuss Cartoon Wolfgang Unzicker by Oliver Schopf

Zwinkern TIME Magazine December 7, 1925 Cover: José Raoul Capablanca

Zwinkern DER SPIEGEL 22.10.1958 Nr. 43 Cover: David Bronstein, Rote Zugmaschinen

Ärgerlich Usaim Bolt, the world's fastest man, the Jamaican is considered to be the greatest sprinter of all time, playing his own chess: What a bluff! Look at the missing King and Queen, he had eliminated his own pieces just for the photo, pretending to play..

Pfeift Cooly, the ice hockey world championship mascot in Berne City