Schachfestival Basel (ex Hilton Open) since 1999

Yoshiharu Habu, famous Shogi player & Chess FIDE Master. Basel was honoured to see him play in 2016. Photo: Wikipedia

In 1986, the city of Basel organised a training match between the reigning World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov and Anthony Miles, the first English born otb Grandmaster.

Great Gazza, the monster with thousand eyes (famous quote from Miles on Kasparov), won by 5.5 to 0.5.

Later, in 1999, an annual open tournament series started in Basel (since 2016 held in Riehen, a municipality near Basel):

Korchnoi, Ivkov, Andersson, Hort, Jussupow, Suetin, Tukmakov, Bologan, Bacrot, Naiditsch, Milov, Vachier-Lagrave, Wojtaszek, Rapport, Solak, Safarli, or Habu all played at Basel.

Record tournament winner is Andrei Sokolov, today rather forgotten, in his heydays he was a Top-Five ranked player in the world.

Albo d'Oro Basel Chess Festival, Open

1999 A. Sokolov (1st edition)
2000 A. Sokolov
2001 Korchnoi
2002 Korchnoi
2003 Tukmakov
2004 Djuric
2005 A. Sokolov
2006 Malachatko
2007 Malachatko
2008 StarostÄ«ts
2009 A. Sokolov
2010 Lafuente
2011 Pelletier
2012 Grachev
2013 Grachev
2014 Wojtaszek
2015 Naiditsch
2016 Naiditsch
2017 Safarli
2018 Chatalbashev (20th edition)
2019 IM Krishna from India

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BASEL Chess Festival, Open tournament

Schachfestival Basel (ex Hilton Open) since 1999
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