Zurich 2017

Kortchnoi Memorial Zurich Chess Challenge and Kortchnoi Memorial Open at Easter time from April 13th to 17th, 2017 in Zurich - Rapid & Blitz combined Invitation plus an Open tournament:

http://www.zurich-cc.com/en/ (Grandmaster Tournament)

http://www.zurich-cc.com/en/kortchnoi-open-news (Open)

https://en.chessbase.com/post/kortchnoi-zurich-chess-challenge-2017 (in english)

http://www.chessdom.com/kortchnoi-zurich-chess-challenge-2017/ (in english)

http://www.swisschess.ch/news-112/id-1317-april-in-zuerich-kortchnoi-zurich-chess-challenge-mit-weltklasseturnier-und-open.html (in german)


Zurich Kongresshaus: http://www.kongresshaus.ch/de/ueber-uns/kongresshaus-zuerich.html

Entry is free for spectators.


The «IGC International Gemological Laboratories» is a Russian institute providing gemological services, such as diamond grading reports, enhanced diamonds identification, man-made / synthetic diamonds and imitation detection as well as certification of diamonds, gemstones and jewelry in the Russian Federation. IGC is the Russian branch of GCI — a group of gemological laboratories located wordwide.

Russian businessman and chess maecenas Oleg Skvortsov from «IGC International Gemological Laboratories» is the creator and main sponsor of the Zurich Chess Challenge series. He not only loves the royal game and supports chess events, but also plays high-level chess himself.


Open tournament: You can Play!

Master section (> Elo 2000): http://www.chess-results.com/tnr257754.aspx?lan=0

Main section (< Elo 2050): http://www.chess-results.com/tnr257755.aspx?lan=0

Schedule: http://www.zurich-cc.com/en/kortchnoi-open-news

Registration: http://www.zurich-cc.com/en/registration

Zurich Kongresshaus: http://www.kongresshaus.ch/de/ueber-uns/kongresshaus-zuerich.html

Time control: 90 minutes per game plus 30 seconds increment per move from move one.

Nakamura is king again

The winner of Zurich Chess Challenge (ZCC) 2015 and 2016 is also on top in 2017, now named Kortchnoi Zurich Chess Challenge (KZCC).

Hikaru Nakamura took his third Zurich Chess Challenge in a row. Additionally, he claimed victory in all three formats: the "opening blitz" (4 min plus 2 sec increment) which did not count for the overall classement but was used for the seedings and colours, won on better tie-break above Gelfand, the so-called "new classical" (45 min plus 30 sec increment), supposed to be Elo rated as a rapid, won outright, and the "final blitz" (10 min plus 5 sec increment), called "semi-blitz" by the spectators, won on better tie-break above Nepomniachtchi. GM Nakamura thus won the overall combined point standings as claer first (with the 'new classical games' counting double, 2 points for a win and 1 point for a draw). Hopefully, we did not mess up things..

In the 2017 KZCC Master Open, five players shared 1st place after seven rounds: GM Eltaj Safarli (winner on tie-break), GM Alexander Motylev, GM Aleksandr Rakhmanov, GM Ferenc Berkes and GM Gadir Guseinov. This additional Open (swiss system, 90 min plus 30 sec increment) was held for the first time during the traditional ZCC.

Zurich Chess Challenge is existing since 2012. The first edition as a match, since 2013 as invitational round robin event with special scoring, at the beginning classical and rapid chess combined, now no longer classcial chess. Zurich CC is played in week-end type of rapid and blitz exhibition held from a Thuersday evening or Friday to Monday). The KZCC 2017 edition exceptionally took place in the Kongresshaus, Zurich, all others in the Hotel Savoy, Zurich.

Zurich shows an exhibition type of tournament, similar at the former Amber chess tournament ambience, which explains some laxness and a comparatively brief duration of the whole event.


Tournaments and series of international importance, Candidates 1953 (with Neuhausen SH), Weihnachtsopen (ex Nova Park) since 1977, CS-Masters Horgen 1994 & 1995, Zurich Chess Challenge since 2012.


The winner list include Mikhail Ulibin (winning or co-winning a record four times), David Howell, Maxim Rodshtein, Rainer Buhmann, Axel Bachmann, Florian Jenni, plus Fabiano Caruana (4th in 2007).

PFÄFFIKON, Swiss Rapid Chess Masters and FHCC 2008 – 2015

A one-day rapid event, played in the Casino Seedamm Plaza at Pfäffikon.
Stars like Bacrot, Caruana, Jussupow, Korchnoi, Ponomariov, Vallejo Pons, Volokitin, mixed with amateur and club players!

LIECHTENSTEIN OPEN 1983 – 2014 (32 editions)

Launched in 1983 with Viktor Korchnoi up to Nona Gaprindashvili in 2014, Liechtenstein had been host for thousands of chess players from over 50 countries. Renowned Pete Doggers reports from his play.