Kortchnoi Memorial Zurich Chess Challenge and Kortchnoi Memorial Open at Easter time from April 13th to 17th, 2017 in Zurich - Rapid & Blitz combined Invitation plus an Open tournament:

http://www.zurich-cc.com/en/ (Grandmaster Tournament)

http://www.zurich-cc.com/en/kortchnoi-open-news (Open)

https://en.chessbase.com/post/kortchnoi-zurich-chess-challenge-2017 (in english)

http://www.swisschess.ch/news-112/id-1317-april-in-zuerich-kortchnoi-zurich-chess-challenge-mit-weltklasseturnier-und-open.html (in german)


The «IGC International Gemological Laboratories» is a Russian institute providing gemological services, such as diamond grading reports, enhanced diamonds identification, man-made / synthetic diamonds and imitation detection as well as certification of diamonds, gemstones and jewelry in the Russian Federation. IGC is the Russian branch of GCI — a group of gemological laboratories located wordwide.

Russian businessman and chess maecenas Oleg Skvortsov from «IGC International Gemological Laboratories» is the creator and main sponsor of the Zurich Chess Challenge series, starting with a match in 2012. He not only loves chess, but also plays high-level chess and supports chess events. Furthermore, Mr. Skvortsov knows many of the greatest chess players in the world personally and has played a lot of games with them.


Open tournament: You can Play!

Master section (> Elo 2000): http://www.chess-results.com/tnr257754.aspx?lan=0

Main section (< Elo 2050): http://www.chess-results.com/tnr257755.aspx?lan=0

Schedule: http://www.zurich-cc.com/en/kortchnoi-open-news

Registration: http://www.zurich-cc.com/en/registration

Time control: 90 minutes per game plus 30 seconds increment per move from move one.


Tournaments and series of international importance, Candidates 1953 (with Neuhausen SH), Weihnachtsopen (ex Nova Park) since 1977, CS-Masters Horgen 1994 & 1995, Zurich Chess Challenge since 2012.

PFÄFFIKON 2008 – 2015, Swiss Rapid Chess Masters and FHCC

A one-day rapid event, played in the Casino Seedamm Plaza at Pfäffikon.
Stars like Bacrot, Caruana, Jussupow, Korchnoi, Ponomariov, Vallejo Pons, Volokitin, mixed with amateur and club players!

LIECHTENSTEIN OPEN 1983 – 2014 (32 editions)

Launched in 1983 with Viktor Korchnoi up to Nona Gaprindashvili in 2014, Liechtenstein had been host for thousands of chess players from over 50 countries. Renowned Pete Doggers reports from his play.