International invitation top tournament series in Spain

Alicante Beliavsky's clean win with a perfect score of 13/13

Barcelona ongoing, plus independent, world-class tournaments

Bilbao ongoing, previously called Grand Slam Chess Final

Costa del Sol, played in Torremolinos, Malaga et al.

Dos Hermanas


Las Palmas Extended version

León ongoing, various formats, including advanced chess

Linares / Linares - Morelia (Mex)

Madrid, Magistral The forgotten superseries 

Madrid, Prequels; and USSR vs. Rest of the World (Rapid)



Palma de Mallorca Extended version

FIDE Grand Prix 15 - 26 November 2017: Palma de Mallorca

Pamplona An easy-to-read survey

San Sebastián


Zafra et al., Ruy Lopez Festival
(Magistral and Open where the players had to play the Ruy Lopez opening)

Important distinction:
Barcelona (Internat. Open de Sants, Hostafrancs & La Bordeta), Las Palmas, Palma de Mallorca, San Sebastian / Donostia, and other spanish cities (eg. Malaga, Sevilla), are also venues of strong open tournament series as well as rapid (eg. Villarrobledo) or other exhibition events (eg. León, pioneering advanced chess)

ALICANTE 1973 – 1981 (without 1976)

Torneo Internacional Ciudad de Alicante, Memorial Gimeno Brotons.

Moderate strong invitation tournaments, most famously for Beliavsky's clean win with a perfect score in 1978 at an amazing 13/13!!

LAS PALMAS 1972 – 1981, 1982 Interzonal, 1987, 1991 – 1994, and 1996 Torneo Mundial de Ajedrez Gran Canaria

Supertournament series (plus many Open).

Larsen as well as the World Champions Tal, Smyslov, Kramnik, and Anand played, but they failed to win at Las Palmas international invitation tournament!

MADRID earlier tournaments

1943 Keres
1945 Alekhine
1951 Prins, starting at 10/10!
1957 Darga
1959 Pomar, Pérez
1960 Zonal - Pomar, Portisch, Gligoric
1961 Robatsch, Milić
1973 Karpov, awarded afterwards his first Oscar

MADRID Rest of the World vs. Soviet Union (Rapid) 1988

One of the first big Rapid events (25 minutes per game) in chess history. Scheveningen system, eight players, each team.

Korchnoi (best individual performance), Kasparov, and M. Gurevich at 5.5/8

Magistral de MADRID 1992 – 1998

Supertournament series.

1992 Karpov
1993 Kramnik (on tie-break)
1994 Judit Polgar
1995 Korchnoi, at age of 64
1996 Topalov (on tie-break)
1997 Topalov (after Armageddon vs. Shirov)
1998 Anand

PALMA DE MALLORCA 1965 – 1972 including 1970 Interzonal

Supertournament series (plus many Open).

All post-war World Chess Champions (then) did participate at Palma de Mallorca: Botvinnik, Smyslov, Petrosian, Spassky failed to win at Palma de Mallorca!

PAMPLONA 1990 – 2009 (no GM tournament in 2000)

City of the north of Spain which has hosted Grandmaster Tournaments (Magistral), mostly combined with Opens.

Pamplona 1990 was where Zsuzsa Polgar earned her final male GM norm to obtain the title!


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