From Alekhine, Euwe, Bogoljubov, Flohr, and Sultan Khan to Grob, Naegeli (who beat reigning World Chess Champion Alekhine in a separate Quadrangular Easter tournament at Bern in 1932), Hans & Paul Johner. And later the veteran players Geller, Unzicker, Szabo, young Kamsky, Klinger, King, or Pia Cramling making her final male GM norm at Bern.

Alekhine won the world-class tournament from Bern in 1932. Recolored photo: George Grantham Bain Collection (Library of Congress) / Wikipedia

World Elite tournament 1932 

Bern (held in July 1932) featured the most important and according to chessmetrics the strongest tournament of the year (followed by the London Sunday Refereee tournament, held in February 1932)

The reigning World Champion triumphed again at Bern, but this time Alekhine lost a game to Bogoljubov in the 10th round. Euwe and Flohr shared second place, one point behind the winner. Sultan Khan finished as clear fourth, Bogoljubov and Bernstein were joint fifth.

At the same time, ten Swiss players in the field competed for the 36th Swiss Championship. The Johner brothers did best with 7 points out of 15 rounds. Hans Johner won the Swiss Championship 1932 based on Sonneborn-Berger score (tie-break).

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