International invitation top tournament series in Italy

Comprehensive reviews

Reggio Emilia

Rome (Banco di Roma)


REGGIO EMILIA (Torneo di Capodanno) Prequel 1947 and 1951, annually played from 1958/59 to 2011/12

City in northern Italy, which hosted 54 annual international invitation tournaments on initiative of Enrico Paoli.

Five World Champions played: Kasparov, Spassky and Smyslov did not win.

ROME (Banco di Roma) 1976 – 1988, without 1978 and 1987

International invitational tournaments on initiative of Alvise Zichichi, IM, arbiter and organizer, he worked for the Banco di Roma.

Prequel 1964. Two strong Open Festivals followed 1989 & 1990.

VENICE-VENEZIA 1947 – 1974 unregular (eleven major editions)

Famous series of international invitation tournaments.

Three World Champions, Euwe, Smyslov (twice), and Petrosian (as reigning WCC) competed at Venice – but all were not winning!


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