LODZ, Poland (unregular)

1907/08 (5th All Russian Master’s) Rubinstein
=> Rubinstein’s Immortal
1935 (International) Tartakower
1938 (International) Pirc

Further prominent players: Fine, Bogoljubov, Najdorf, and Menchik

NOVGOROD, Russia 1994 – 1997

Supertournament series.

Winners: Kasparov (3x*), Ivanchuk (1x*), Topalov (1x).
*Ivanchuk at better tie-break above Kasparov in 1994.

Kramnik invited in all four editions, but failed to win.

ROSTOV-ON-DON, Russia (unregular)

1993 (Bondarevsky Memorial) Tiviakov
Children and the widow of Igor Bondarevsky (1913-1979) guests of honour!
1961 (Chigorin Memorial, Prequel) Taimanov
1896 Match: Steinitz vs. Schiffers 6.5 - 4.5

SOLINGEN, Germany (unregular)

1968 Lengyel
1974 Polugaevsky, Kavalek (Pachman boycotted)
1986 Hübner

Fischer (simul exhibition), Spassky (SG Solingen club player) , and Korchnoi (friendly match in 1973) visited Solingen, too.

SOFIA, Bulgaria, M-Tel 2005 – 2009

Supertournament series.

Winners: Topalov (3x), Ivanchuk (1x), Shirov (1x), all winning outright.

World Champions Carlsen, Kramnik, and Anand played, but failed to win at Sofia M-Tel tournament!


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