International invitation top tournament series in former Yugoslavia

Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina Exlusive in the web!

Belgrade (Investbanka) plus singulars, Serbia

Bugojno, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Ljubljana, Portorož, Bled et al., Vidmar Memorial, Slovenia, ongoing

Niksic, not numbered, Montenegro

Novi Sad (Liberation tournament) plus singulars, Serbia

Sarajevo (Bosna), Bosnia and Herzegovina, ongoing Special feature

Sombor, Parcetic Memorial, Serbia

Skopje (Turnir solidarnost), Macedonia

Vinkovci, Croatia

Vrsac, Kostic Memorial, Serbia

Zagreb, and Rovinj/Zagreb, not numbered, Croatia

Further strong tournaments for instance in Titograd (today Podgorica), Montenegro in 1984, or legendary blitz tournaments in Herceg Novi, Montenegro in 1970 and 1983.

Note: Niksic or Vinkovci are not printed in bold, despite having one particular famous tournament, they did have a *series* of (further) events, but not of world-class status.

Bosna, held in Sarajevo, is played today as an Open tournament of rather regional status.

The Vidmar Memorial, Slovenia, sometimes was organized as a pure national competition.

Banja Luka



The 20th Chess Olympiad 1972 at Skopje was the first Chess Olympiad which combined the men and women tournament at the same place!

SKOPJE Turnir Solidarnost 1967 – 1971, plus 1976

1967 Fischer
1968 Portisch
1969 Hort, Matulovic (3.= Smyslov)
1970 Taimanov, Vasiukov
1971 Polugaevsky
USSR men: Petrosian, Korchnoi, Smyslov, Tal, Karpov, IM Savon
1976 Karpov

Vidmar Memorial (Ljubljana, Portorož, Bled et al.)

Ljubljana, Portorož, Bled et al. (Vidmar Memorial), unregularly played, 20th edition in 2016: Vidmar Memorial